How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone, is a no nonsense approach to finally kicking the habit before the habit leads you to kick the bucket. This booklet journals my experience through being a pack and a half a day smoker to haven't had one since 2002. It's loaded with tools, exercises, and ideas to get you in the proper frame of mind to finally knock yourself off the smoking addiction once and for all.

David Bradley is a smoker who doesn't smoke anymore. He has not smoked since 2002 and has no intention of picking the habit back up. He has spent the last several years practicing being in the now. He is also the son of a Marriage Family Therapist, student of human behavior, Russian Kettlebell Instructor, former stooge and all around man of the world. David is the owner of The Pura Vida Company a wellness company founded on the principle of strong body to strong mind to strong spirit. He speaks straight and from the heart.

by David R. Bradley