by David R. Bradley

How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone!

Hello and welcome to StopDon'! 

I am a smoker who doesn't smoke anymore.  I stopped smoking in May of 2002. Becoming a non-smoker was a big challenge for me.  I trust that you, like me, really enjoy cigarettes and smoking, so to make the decision to follow through and decide to actually stop once and for all could very well be the hardest thing you've ever done. 

Ironically, it's the those very things that challenge us to the very core of our beings that really make us who we are.  It is time to start facing challenges, not accepting defeat, and give ourselves the permission we need to love our self just enough to extend our life to the fullest and the longest. 

This book is for you.  In addition to learning How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone, you will:

  • Discover that it's fully possible to stay a smoker and not smoke

  • Find out how you don't have to quit to stop smoking.

  • If you're too cool to quit, rest easy as I will show how to stop smoking and still be cool.

  • Learn about the Popeye/Yoda Condition

  • Know your history so you can stop repeating it.

  • Finally answer the question you've been dreading

  • Receive some much needed tough love without being preached to

  • Find out how to take control of the things you think you're not in control of

  • Get motivated to exercise (just a little bit)

  • Have a recipe to stop smoking and not get fat

  • Become a non-smoker in 3 days

  • Stay a non-smoker by living in the now

  • Understand how to let go and let [insert omniscient deity of your choice] doesn't just apply to A.A.

  • Achieve total liberation from cigarettes

  • Stop and Stay that way

  • Have a few laughs

But I don't expect you to just take my word for it.  To really know how to stop and make being a smoker who doesn't smoke a reality in your life, you have to receive the knowledge, then grasp the wisdom and finally put it into play.

So I wrote this book for you.  The smoker who's looking to be a non-smoker.  However after reading it and getting some feed back I realized that the path I chose to kick the habit could really apply to so many other habits, addictions, or compulsions. 

This book is about a decision making process and you can apply it to any monkey that happens to be on your back. 

If it's time to free yourself and get back to living fully, try this book.  Look, even if you don't stop right away, at least arm yourself with the tools necessary to succeed whenever you decide your ready to become a smoker who doesn't smoke. 

If you're like me and take action right away and make decisions quickly, CLICK HERE to order your copy today and get yourself on the path to kicking the habit.

Thanks in advance.  You can stop when you decide to.


David R. Bradley 

Note from the author