by David R. Bradley

How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone!

Here's what readers so far have to say...

From Jacob:

"I gotta say, at first i was a little hesitant. The cover made it look kind of simple, perhaps too simple. But once I opened it up, I was thoroughly impressed. This book (really more of a guided journey)has everything you need packed into one. It's got some factual info, some advice, humor, workbook and first hand experience from the author. He gives it to you with a no holds barred approach. Without giving it away, he takes you on a journey inside your head and even heart and forces you to accept who you are. This book is a perfect combination of humor, guidance, passion and purpose. If you've ever wanted to change your life in regards to smoking, or really any addictive behavior, this book is a MUST!!! "

From Lindsay:

"The genius is in the subtitle, Stop, Don't Quit! Bradley offers a no-nonsense and even more crucial to our ADD society, an extremely readable approach to the decision and process of smoking cessation. It can be read in one sitting, or one chapter at a time over a week or more. I thought this to myself last night, upon pondering Bradley's excellent book: "I could quit anything that's not good for me by using Bradley's techniques." I'm hoping there will be a sequel. Here are some books I look forward to reading by the same author. "How to Stop Excessive Eating without Killing anyone." "How to stop excessive drinking without killing anyone." "How to stop ____ fill in the blank ___ any self-destructive habit____ without killing anyone." Bradley's blog from yesterday takes a close look at how a habit such as cigarette smoking represents a loss of self-control. It controls us, rather than we controlling it. Normally a book such as this would hold no interest for me (too many books with similar objectives). However, this is a fresh approach to an ancient dilemma. Included within are treats of humor and wit. Buy this book!"

From Tina:

I love this book. Mr. Bradley speaks from the heart and doesn't sugar coat anything. I was not a smoker when I read this but I was seriously out of shape and needed to change my life. Readers can easily apply the same logic and replace smoking with anything in their lives they need/want to change. This book inspired me to make the decision to change my life and get healthy. Because of this book I was able to admit the truth about what I saw when I looked in the mirror. In the book, he talks about smokers being smokers; admitting it and moving on from there. 

If you are looking to change your life and need someone to help you see things the way they truly are, this book is for you. Maybe someday he will write different volumes ...How to lose weight, How to stop drinking etc. Until then, this book can apply to all those areas. Thanks Mr. Bradley, for the nudge I needed to see things the way they truly were so I could move on from there!!!" 

From David P:

"In this short read (you can manage it in one or two sittings), Bradley takes you on a thoughtful journey in your quest to stop smoking. Along the way, he shares many unique, simple, and effective ideas that are easy to remember and utilize in your own efforts to stop smoking, or other self-destructive behaviors. He also peppers his prose with little instances of humor, and the entire narrative is much like a life-coaching conversation one might be having with an old friend. This helpful little book is both inspiring and motivational, but never "preachy", and demonstrates useful tactics for the reader. Several simple exercises are included throughout his strategy that help guide one to success, while providing a much broader assessment of one's personal story and history. I would recommend this quick read to anyone looking to stop smoking or eliminate other addictions in their life."

From Richard H.:

"Just wanna say thank you for writing your book and all the YouTube videos.  I read your book and it was awesome.  I'm stopping today and also going to do all the exercises.  You are making a difference in the world.  Thank you."

From AM Stark:

"Do this book. If you work it, it works. #19mos"

Are you ready to kick the habit once and for all?